There are a number of recreational activities available on the camp grounds for participants and families to enjoy. There are planned daily activities for all ages.

There is a recreational field located at the back of the camp grounds behind the cafeteria, where there are basketball and volleyball courts available for use.

The game room located above the cafeteria at 1605 Grand River Dr. behind the Grace Hotel is open to the public during recreational times (see the hours of operation posted on the door).

In 2014, two Octa-ball courts were added on the campgrounds, one located near the Hart/Topliff Pavilion (608 Outer Dr.) in the camping area, the other near the Youth Dorms (1700 Epworth Dr.).

A new play area is also available for young children up in the camping area near the Hart-Topliff Pavilion. We only ask that children using this play equipment are supervised by a responsible adult.  A new basketball court was added at the play area to make supervision of children more convenient.


Daily: 9:00 am Bible Study
Daily: 10:30 am
Daily: 7:30 pm
Sunday: 2:30 pm


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