Eaton Rapids Camp is a family camp with worship experiences for all ages.

Under the direction of Bev Sloothaak, the Children’s Program, located at 702 Chapel Dr., ministers to kids entering 1st through 6th grades. Each morning, children can be dropped off, or if old enough, arrive on their own at 8:55 am (except on Sundays, when the arrival time is 10:15 am). The kids begin the day with craft time, followed by Bible memory verses, music, Bible lessons, videos, and skits.

For the evening service, the children attend the opening of the evening worship service in the Tabernacle at 7:30 pm with their families, and are then led to the children’s center by a member of our trusted staff. It will be announced from the pulpit when the children are dismissed from the Tabernacle service.

The evening program in the children’s center is designed by our Christian Magicians and Artists to bring age appropriate worship to the children.

There is no fee for this program.  Any children can participate, whether for a day, or for all eight days.  Parents may drop their child(ren) off at 8:55 am, and pick them back up at noon each day.  Whether you are a member of the camp, or a resident from town, your children are welcome to join our program!


Daily: 9:00 am Bible Study
Daily: 10:30 am
Daily: 7:30 pm
Sunday: 2:30 pm


P.O. Box 74
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827-0074

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