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Unity House

Have you graduated from high school, but are not yet 30?  If so, come and join the Eaton Rapids Camp Meeting’s Young Adult Program!

Location:  The young adult program is housed in Unity House, located at 1101 Grand River Dr. just inside the camp grounds.  There is a large common room on the first floor with a full kitchen and refrigerator.  Ladies’ bedrooms are on the first floor, mens’ bedrooms are on the second floor.  The entire building is air conditioned.

Schedule:  During the day, we follow the daily campmeeting schedule.  After the evening service, join us at UNITY for games and fellowship, catch up with old friends, and make new ones.  On the last Saturday of camp, join us for movie night.

Meals:  Meals are generally on your own.  There is a cafeteria on the grounds, or cooking facilities at UNITY House if you don’t want to leave camp.

Lodging:  Do you need a place to stay for one night or the entire length of camp?  Space is available at the UNITY House for $5.00/night.  If the cost is an issue, see one of the people listed below.

Participation in at least one worship service per day is required to stay with us at UNITY.  Participation in other activities is encouraged.

Questions:  If you have questions, please see Hayden Carruth, Blake or Carol Bergman, Nathan Sparks during camp.  At other times, please email us at



Daily: 9:00 am Bible Study
Daily: 10:30 am
Daily: 7:30 pm
Sunday: 2:30 pm


P.O. Box 74
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827-0074

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