Galilean Service

Galilean Service

We gather together for worship at the site of the cross on the river bank across from the Grace Hotel, located at 1603 Grand River Dr., for this beautiful and moving service. As hundreds of lighted candles float down the river and reflect their light off the water, people of all ages gather to reflect on the holiness of God.

This special service is a parallel to the Parable of the Sower told by Jesus, and represents the Christian walk. The seed that falls by the wayside and is devoured up by the birds of the air are similar to the candles whose flames get extinguished on their way down the river by the wind and dive-bombing June bugs. Like the seeds that fell among the thorns and the plants are choked out as they grow, the candles that get caught in the brush along the river’s edge will soon be snuffed out. But the seed that is sown into fertile soil and produces an abundant amount of fruit–like the candles that flow unrestricted, glowing bright and strong, will be a bright beacon in the darkness of night, as Christians are to be a bright light in a dark world.

The Galilean Service is one of the most popular Services and draws many from around the surrounding communities.  It takes place immediately following the evening service on Thursday night.

Please note that the nursery, begindergarten, and children’s center are not open to provide child care during the Galilean Service.


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